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The German carrier LUFTHANSA announces sponsoring of the congress! You save 10% or more of the airfare by choosing LUFTHANSA as your carrier. For details click on more...

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The WMTC takes place in San Francisco in September 2008. Read here a report after 15.9.
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Recently the Hungarian Minister for Health, Dr. Tamás Székely has announced his participation for the EU panel on health tourism. Check the details.
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Al Jazeerea and n-tv visited the 1st congress and broadcasted two important reports.
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What is a "LEARNSHOP"?

  In a LEARNSHOP day experience is meeting   interest and ideas. The process is from "idea to cash".

  The participants will learn from the experts   of existing businesses how to work on their interests   and ideas for a new business, medical centre,   hospital,investment, whatever the issue is.

  In this context we are looking for skilled and   experienced moderators who can offer their   expertise and in depth knowledge with only one goal:   to enable the participants to do the same or better!


  There is a payment offered for these speaker and   trainer positions. Just download the application   form and speak with the congress organization.

   8:30 h—16:00 h  include:

  Fully experienced specialists
  Business Aspects
  Case modelling
  Best practice experiences
  Legal Aspects
  Feasibility Issues
  Business Partner Search
  Complete Handout and   Documentation
  Networking orientation for the B2B   meetings

The challenge for the experts is high. They are expected to deliver for the participants
LEARNING: Information and Transfer
WORKING: for Implementation
SHOPPING: Connecting Knowledge to Business

  LEARNSHOP 1:   Enabling eHealth
  How to setup and run a Telemedical Centre: concept,   competence, business plan, operations, marketing

  Knowledge is required how to do it practically, which   technologies to use, how to acquire customers,   mistakes to be avoided. After the LEARNSHOP you   do it yourself or look out for a partner in the B2B.

  LEARNSHOP 2:   Analyzing New Markets
  The Inter European Medical Tourism: EU-directive   and future implications, legal aspects, insurance   problems, quality standards and consequences
. Learn   how the European scenario is preparing for   liberalization of health care access and how to   develop the services to adress these new markets.

  LEARNSHOP 3:   Promoting and Marketing
  How to market and promote your health services   internationally: web 2.0, print, networks, customer   orientation, mobile applications, quality programs.   This is a MUST for hospitals, physicians, patient   services, media and communications. Learn the key   factors for success and about the mistakes made   before.

  LEARNSHOP 4:   Generating Solutions
  Hospital and knowledge export: demands, projects,   market analysis, partner management, business   development, cases
. The turn key hospital as an   export article is very complex. Meet the   interdisciplinary experts and receive the leading   knowhow to get involved in this growing business.

  LEARNSHOP 5:   Investing in Health Care
  Entrepreneurs, Government, Hospitals, Investors:
  Where to invest in global healthcare? Requirements   and challenges for a successful investment in health   projects. There are hypes and there are good and   realistic opportunities on the other hand. How to   differentiate between the two.Tools for assessment   and decision making.

Download here your speaker/moderator application today.

  LEARNSHOP 6:   Legal Framework
  Associated with medical travel there are   a lot of legal questions about liability   and patient rights. The worldwide   experience is collected here and comes   to the participants with clear recommen-
  dations, templates for waivers, disclai-
  mers, patient contracts for hospitals,   physicians and facilitators. This session is   of high importance also for lawyers who   counsel their clients. The job is   minimizing the risks for both the patients   and the healthcare providers.