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The German carrier LUFTHANSA announces sponsoring of the congress! You save 10% or more of the airfare by choosing LUFTHANSA as your carrier. For details click on more...

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The WMTC takes place in San Francisco in September 2008. Read here a report after 15.9.
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See the members of the Advisory Board.
Recently the Hungarian Minister for Health, Dr. Tamás Székely has announced his participation for the EU panel on health tourism. Check the details.
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You will hear from key note speakers the state of the art on central issues of medical tourism:
  - Medical Tourism in Hungary
  - Health care development in Hungary
  - Health care development plans in Saudi Arabia

  - Health care in times of the world economic and financial crisis

  - The health care development in the EMEEA countries: the     necessary investments and goals

            WORKSHOP TRACK
  Workshop 1
  Medical Tourism in Hungary
  Combination of modern medicine with   natural treatment methods
                                                      LUNCH & EXHIBITION TIME

  ARENA investor briefing and B2B-   meetings are running parallel the   whole afternoon until 18:30 h.


  Matches are made 2 weeks before the   congress, so please make sure that you   have registered and filled out the   match record for your interest profile.   The profile templates will be sent out   after the registration, 6 weeks before   the event.

  Workshop 2
  Spa and Medical Wellness
  Best practices, standards, marketing,   development of markets

  Workshop 3
  Overcoming the ME health care crisis
  International cooperations, the role of   Medical Tourism and knowledge   transfer

  Workshop 4
  Quality of Care Project (Round Table)
  (Continued from the World Medical   Tourism Congress in San Francisco)
  Quality standards from various   perspectives.

Al Jazeerea and n-tv visited the 1st congress and broadcasted two important reports.
To look at the videos go to more.
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  PANEL: How does the EU patient   mobility  legislation affect the   national  health systems?

  EU experts and politicians from   various nations and from the   commission have a panel   discussion