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The German carrier LUFTHANSA announces sponsoring of the congress! You save 10% or more of the airfare by choosing LUFTHANSA as your carrier. For details click on more...

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The WMTC takes place in San Francisco in September 2008. Read here a report after 15.9.
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See the members of the Advisory Board.
Recently the Hungarian Minister for Health, Dr. Tamás Székely has announced his participation for the EU panel on health tourism. Check the details.
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The ARENA - An Investors Forum

Since many health care provider and player in the field of medical tourism are lookin gfor partner and synergies, also many founderrs and creative entrepreneurs are under way.

We have created this forum where - during one congress day - up tp 15 slots are being offered. 15 minutes are provided to present in front of approx. 60 participants (experts, investors) innovative and attractive business ideas.

The ARENA will be moderated and a simultaneous protocol - made visible live on screen - will catch the most important points during the discussion.

This is a rare chance to convince an audience of your proposal. If they are following your proposal, then an investor will be found easily.

Have a vision? Have a plan? Need funds?

Test it in the waters!

The forum is open to all fully registered participants, but for organizational reasons you have to aplly before and confirmed as a presenter.

The advisory board and the congress organization also reserves the right to select according to their decision the presentations of which they think would be most attractive. Applicants rejected will be offered the chance to open a poster session (associated with a minor administrative fee).


  Apply and get your chance to attract
  the experts and investors!
  You can downlaod your application   form for the ARENA right here.

The ARENA comprehensive info for

download. Send it to a friend.

Al Jazeerea and n-tv visited the 1st congress and broadcasted two important reports.
To look at the videos go to more.
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